It’s a very effective way to warm up before any type of public speaking. Not only do I use the device prior to reading voice-overs, I also utilize it prior to going on the radio as an on-air personality. Works like a charm!

Loni W.

SpeechMaster Pro has been very helpful to me in practicing for speaking engagements and presentations. The device helps me articulate and move my mouth to produce clear and enunciated speech. It is easy to use and can be carried in your pocket or briefcase..What a great aid!

Ashley L.

I often speak too fast and over the years I have lost confidence in my speech. After using the SpeechMasterPro. I had a huge change not only in my professional life but my social life as well. I practice with the SpeechMasterPro before work to warm up my speech. I am no longer afraid to speak up or engage in conversation.

Josh P.

I love the story behind the inventor of the SpeechMasterPro and how his passion towards helping others that struggle with speech led him to create the SpeechMasterPro. I am a radio voice for my college and I use the SpeechMasterPro before going on the air it is a huge help.

Greg S.

I am a debater on my school debate team. The SpeechMasterPro is absolutely amazing how it slows down my speaking pace. I strongly suggest this product to anyone wanting to improve his or her speech.

Heather T.

Award Winning Voice Over Coach Joe Loach